Vaidya Group acquired, under the name Prime Vehicles, the distributorship of Force Motors Automobiles and spare parts in Nepal. This subsidiary consists of a highly experienced and motivated team of executives, managers, engineers, and mechanics. With the fast rise of Force Motors of India, this team has been promoting the automobile brand in Nepal and has supplied extensively to schools, hospitals, private companies and the Nepal government. This subsidiary is expanding and acquiring additional automobile dealerships. It intends to keep on provisioning its customers with high value and quality vehicles and excellent service.

Nakasu Engineering and Moksh Plastic Industry are two high-powered HDPE pipe and Water Revenue Meter factories. A developing country such as Nepal has a high demand for water supply related goods. As another subsidiary of the Vaidya Group, Vaidya Construction and Water Works, it is involved in the construction side of this industry, hence these two subsidiaries strongly complement each other.
The products from these factories range from different diameters of PVC, UPVC and HDPE pipes, required fittings, to multi-standard water revenue meters.

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